Screen Protectors
SAMSUNG Galaxy TAB 3 (8.0) (GS-848B)
  • Two protective multi-layer films Anti-Glare and ULTRA-Clear for the tablet Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 (8.0)
  • Microfiber Cloth to clean the screen
  • Paddle to Smooth out film

Basic spec:

Type of protector film
Anti-Glare + ULTRA-Clear
Brand and model of your mobile device for which the film is designed
Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 (8.0)
Size of the film, mm
206.6 x119.4
The indicator light transmission (in the range from 400 to 700 nm) for the glossy film
~ 99%
Layers numbers
Protector films, pcs
2, Anti-Glare + ULTRA-Clear
Microfiber cloth to clean the screen, pcs.
Paddle to Smooth, pcs
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