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Device typeBattery for UPS
Type of batteryValve regulated lead-acid rechargeable battery
Number of elements in the block6
Impermeability100% uptime in any position relative to the horizon
Type of terminals 5mm/7mm
Case materialABS (acrylic-butadiene-styrene)
Voltage, V12
Capacity, Ah4,5
The number of cycles at 100% discharge260
The term of service in the reserve (buffer mode), years3 to 5
Discharge temperature-20°С ~ 50°С
Charge temperature0°С ~ 40°С
Storage temperature-20°С ~ 40°С
The optimum temperature25°С
Maximum discharge current67,5А
Maximum charge current1,35А
Charging voltage13,6 to 13,8 V at 25°С
Charge voltage for cyclic operation14,5 to 14,9 V at 25°С
Internal resistance, Om40 mOhm
SelfThe battery can be stored for 6 months without charge at 25 ° C. At higher temperatures - the time will be shorter.
5-minute level(9.60V) 16,20А; (10,2V) 15,40А; (10,5V) 14,50А
15-minute discharge(9.60V) 8,80А; (10,2V) 8,45А; (10,5V) 8,03А
30 minute discharge(9.60V) 4,80А; (10,2V) 4,65А; (10,5V) 4,47А
1 hour rate (9.60V) 3,10А; (10,2V) 3,02А; (10,5V) 2,92А
5 hour rate (9.60V) 0,76А; (10,2V) 0,75А; (10,5V) 0,74А
10 hour rate(9.60V) 0,45A; (10,2V) 0,45А; (10,5V) 0,44А
5-minute level(9,60V) 181W; (10,2V) 172W; (10,5V) 162W
15-minute discharge(9,60V) 100W; (10,2V) 96,3W; (10,5V) 91,5W
30 minute discharge(9,60V) 55,0W; (10,2V) 53,3W; (10,5V) 51,2W
1 hour rate(9,60V) 35,9W; (10,2V) 35,0W; (10,5V) 33,8W
5 hour rate(9,60V) 9,07W; (10,2V) 8,96W; (10,5V) 8,84W
10 hour rate(9,60V) 5,36W; (10,2V) 5,31W; (10,5V) 6,31W
User Manual / Warranty Card
Length, mm69
Width, mm90
Height, mm105
The height of the terminals, mm110
Weight, gr1400
Gross Weight, kg14,2
Net Weight, kg14
Length of the box, cm7
Width of the box, cm9
Height of the box, cm10,5