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Universal Adapters:GA-1290UL
Device typeUniversal power adapter
Power, W90W
Input voltage, ACАС 120V - 230V, 50-60Hz; 1.5А
Input voltage, DC
Output voltage / Output current from AC outlet12V/15V/16V - DC 5A, 18V/19V/19.5V/20V - DC 4.3A
Output voltage / Output current from cigarette lighter
USB power port for charging devices 1 port (2100mA)
Switching the output voltageVoltage selection is determined by the choice of the tip
Length of AC cable, cm125
Length of DC cable, from cigarette lighter to adapter, cm
Length of DC cable from the adapter to the laptop, cm180
Quantity of DC plug tips8
LCD - LED output voltage
LED output voltageYes
Activity indicator
Power indicator
DC plug tip 1(M1) - Dimensions: 6.3х3mm, 15V; TOSHIBA
DC plug tip 2(M2) - Dimensions: 5.5х2.5mm, 16V; IBM
DC plug tip 3(M3) - Dimensions: 6.5x4.5mm, 16V; SONY, FUJITSU
DC plug tip 4(M4) - Dimensions: 4.8х1.7mm, 18.5V; ASUS, HP/COMPAQ, LG
DC plug tip 5(M5) - Dimensions: 5.5х2.5mm, 19V; ACER, DELL GATEWAY, TOSHIBA, NEC
DC plug tip 6(M6) - Dimensions: 5.0х3.2mm, 19V; SAMSUNG
DC plug tip 7(M8) - Dimensions: 6.5x4.5mm, 19.5V; SONY
DC plug tip 8(M15) - Dimensions: 5.5х1.7мм, 19V; ACER, DELTA
DC plug tip 9
DC plug tip 10
DC plug tip 11
DC plug tip 12
DC plug tip 13
DC plug tip 14
DC plug tip 15
DC plug tip 16
Overheating protectionYes
Overload protectionYes
Short-circuit protectionYes
Switch modes protectionYes
Housing MaterialABS-plastik
Case colorBlack
User Manual / Warranty Card1
Universal Power Adapter1
DC plug tips8
AC cable 1
DC cable from cigarette lighter to adapter
Length, mm125
Width, mm53
Height, mm33
Weight, gr
Type of packagingBlister
Unit number per packing
Length of package, cm
Width of package, cm
Height of package, cm
Weight of package, gr
Quantity of consumer packages, pcs20
Length of the box, cm
Width of the box, cm
Height of the box, cm
Gross Weight, kg
Net Weight, kg